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make sure if you are up tonight, 3:00 eastern, 12 pacific right here on the fox news chance them. as always thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues, greta is next. >> greta: two u.s. senators, two parties, three questions. first, who is fighting transparency now? second, is the military headed to our borders. third, does senatorling can wants president obama to stay away from her campaign? she's guess on the record in minutes. first republican senator john mccain. nice to see you and thanks for letting us come to our office today. >> thanks for having me back. >> greta: it affects the united states the border between arizona and mexico. first the news of the day. president obama speaking on financial regulatory reform. where do you stand on this bill? >> i'm glad to see that serious negotiations are going on between both sides of the aisle. i'm hoping that we can come up
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with a bill that will adhere to the fundamental principle that we want and that is that no institution be too big to fail. i'm not positive this legislation will do that. but i think we are making progress. i also want to say, fundamental, we should, i think we should be doing banks in the loan business should have the backing of the fdic and american taxpayers. anybody who does anything else, they should have no support whatsoever from the taxpayers of america. i'm not sure that achieves that goal. that means restoration of the wall between traditional banking and investment and all the reckless stuff that we know has been going on. >> greta: are you talking about goldman sachs that type of institution? >> those institutions that are engaged in traditional banking, community banks, those portions of goldman sachs and morgan and all those who are
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in traditional, home loans, loan businesses, fine with me if we back it with federal taxpayers' money in the for of the fdic. but the people that engage in all these other activities, derivatives and all those things no taxpayer dollars should ever be at risk. >> greta: what about an outside agency as the president has proposed to be a watchdog. is that fruitful or do we -- one of the gripes i've had first we should look within the government to see whether or not we don't have government entities that can do that what is your view on create ago outside agency or looking within our own government to see whether we have the ability and we just dropped the ball. >> i'm always nervous about creation of a new bureaucracy. what are the extents of their powers? who are they accountable to? who makes the decisions to enforce whatever their findings are? i'm always nervous about that
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but, it seems to me if taxpayers' dollars are not at risk, then we should pretty much let them do what they want to with oversight. but, to create a new bureaucracy, i would be very, very nervous about what the powers of that bureaucracy are. >> greta: does it appear or am i wrong, that a lot of these big corporations when we get into trouble at worst they get a civil penalty from the sec and the old fashioned concept of fraud when you trick someone when you are slick, sell something and don't fairly state the value or the risk, it could be fraud. are we using the criminal code in our justice department enough? >> i don't think so. i think some of the transgressions of the past have been clearly criminal. certainly americans who have had to pick up the bill would believe that but, so i think there sudden be more criminal enforcement of some of these things that we have seen take place.
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>> greta: transparency one aspect of the president's financial regulatory reform. a word we've been hearing a lot. do you have opposition to the transparency bill senator lincoln's committee has voted on one? >> i think there should be more transparent. >> including as to what the fed did during this whole situation and what they are doing now i think they are accountable to the american people. therefore, there ought to be more transparent. >> >> greta: don't go away we have much more with senator mccain. he wants 3,000 troops sent to the boarder in arizona. right now democratic senator blanche lincoln guess on the record. she says she knows now cleanup wall street. for starters she wants trance parent. her bill just passed the agriculture committee and has the bipartisan support of republican senator chuck grassley. here is senator lincoln. nice to see. >> thank you, great to be with
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you. >> greta: if you bill out of your committee having to do with trance par -- transparency and derivatives. what is a derivative? >> a financial tool. but it is something that drives its value you from something else. you look at -- because of that it is a futures contract in this instance that gives it the jurisdiction in the agriculture committee. >> greta: would a derivative be a collection of mortgages that you bundle together and might sell as one instrument? because it drives value from all these mortgages? >> absolutely that could be a derivative. some examples are -- some are farris being than others. there were lots of mortgages bundled up and then just like they were made into a piece of sausage and cut into pieces and distributed in other places. when that derivative was
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created then it was distributed and virtually impossible to put back together. yes, there's there's that instance. >> greta: in the bill that has just come out your committee has to do with transparent . people didn't know how the us is was being made, the derivative what composed it what was the risk was and what they were buying is that fair? >> that's right. they've not been regulated over-the-counter market have not been regulated. what we do is take them out of the dark. we shine the light of day on them through mandatory exchange trading as well as clearing. also, making sure that the transparency is real-time reporting to the regulators and the public. so that knowledge which wall street has had individually, wall street has had it exclusively. knew information is out there. so that when wall street wants to create a derivative or a swap between two entities they have all the information and
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nobody else does. now, putting it on the exchange would create more of that real-time information to other individuals. >> greta: you know what you buy. for instance, there's something shady about it, you know how to hedge your bets either way whether you want to buy or not? >> right. >> greta: until this time we didn't have that transparency? how can that? >> it is a relatively new market. it went from if the last 10 years, a market that started 20 years ago in the last 10 years you have seen it go from 90 to 600 trillion enormous expansion of al value in 10 years. what has happened is wall street has been able to have the corner on the market of information and gray that marketplace themselves. >> greta: it has come out as a bipartisan bill. you have senator grassley, one republican on it.
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i don't mean to make you argue your opposition. what has been the republican opposition on putting the spotlight -- minus senator grassley on how these derivatives are composed and created? what has been the impediment you have run into? >> we have worked very hard in a bipartisan way. saks buy chambliss is a wonderful -- saks buy chambliss is a wonderful person to work with, we've been working to come up with the common ground. there's a couple of places that we -- >> greta: why didn't you get more republicans on the whole idea of putting the spotlight on it? >> i think we will, to be honest. i think we will see more. one of the concerns has been the mandatory trading on the exchange and the mandatory clearing. we had some exemptions on clearing but it was very the most narrow ofp, definitions. >> greta: they don't like exemptions? >> they may have wanted more.
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we've been trying to find common ground and figure out how we can provide the toughest reform possible in a bipartisan way. democrats and republicans want to make sure these financial markets are more accountable and more transparent. >> greta: you know in arkansas senator lincoln is in the fight of her political life. she is down in the polls and getting hammered from the republicans, tea party and fellow democrats. does she want president obama to campaign for her in arkansas? or is president obama the kiss of political death in arkansas? we are going to ask her. more coming up. now, a campaign clash. apparently, it is endorsement day. >> two big races two big endorsements. former vice president cheney says marco rubio is his guy. he's in a knock down drag out republican primary fight with florida's governor charlie crist. vice president cheney says rubio is a strong conservative leader and governor crist
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can't be trusted to reman a republican, ouch. governor crist has not ruled outrunning as an independent. the other big endorsement news, this time michigan. former massachusetts governor mitt romney endorsing congressman pete hoekstra for governor in michigan. governor romney focusing on the economy saying hofstra has the right policies to get michigan's economy moving again. stay with fox for the latest on all races. the run-down jam backed. rest of our interviews are minutes away. could someone please get the president the right -- the vice president, the treasury secretary on the same page. they seem confused. don't believe it? we have individual proves it. vice president biden takes on the ladies of "the view" we
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>> greta: do the people working at the white house even talk to each other? because they are having serious messaging issues. we are trying figure fought a value added tax similar to a national sales tax is coming. it depends on who you ask. vice president biden says one thing. >> if we are going to start talking about a national sales tax, on top of everything else, what taxes can you guys remove? >> we aren't talking that >> the president is. >> no, the president said he was open to listening about that >> greta: treasury secretary geithner is singing a slightly different tune. >> do you oppose a vat tax? >> the president does not d but we all recognize
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that our deficits are too high. >> greta: then there is the president himself. >> the president: i know there's been a lot of talk around town lately about the value added tack that is is something that has worked for some countries will be novel for the united states and before i start saying this makes sense or that makes sense i want a better picture of what our options are. >> greta: if that was not confusing enough, those three, white house press secretary gibbs has the icing on the cake. today he tells reporters, "just to be clear, no value added tax." thanks for being clear mr. gibbs. steve moore joins us senior economic writer for "wall street journal" editorial page. what was that? >> this was like dancing with the stars they keep dancing around this issue. i'm convinced there's a seduction at the white house over this issue you've a value added tack. they see this as the magic bullet to reduce this enormous
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budget deficit and pay for all these spending programs. they want it, they feel like it can solve the problem but the american public doesn't want it. it is a toxic tax. we are talking about maybe 15 to 18% of everything that you buy if we add a european vat. >> greta: it is a regressive tax. older have bought their washing machines it is going to hurt the younger people, tax younger people, the people who are still getting started and buying these durable goods. everyone else already has his durable goods. >> take for example the. pad retails for $799 -- if you put a 16 or 18% vat on top of that now it costs $900. these things are going to put a big pinch in the consumer pocket. >> greta: did the president said about raising -- i hate
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to be flip the definition of is? >> this is a very interesting issue too. clear during the campaign he said if you make less than $250,000 you will not pay a dime more of taxes unmy plan. now what he's been saying subtle shift in the last two weeks. a dime more income taxes. that's not what he said during the campaign that seems to open the door for a value added tack. he's not ruling out when he said i was not going to raise income taxes. >> greta: if they are trying get everybody used to it which would be -- is it an acknowledgement that the stimulus bill didn't work? the stimulus bill had it stimulated the economy would have generated more income which would have been more income receipts and would mean the government doesn't mean so much money in the value added tax -- >> i agree well put. there's another interesting point. the idea of the stimulus plan
10:17 pm
was to stimulate spending to get government to spend and the american public to spend. what's the intention of a value added tax? to make everything more expensive so people spend less. when government spends money it stimulates the economy when you and i money it doesn't. >> greta: the point of value added tax is a point of desperation the ship is going down and we need the cash. i don't think the president wants to do this. if he does, we don't know for sure he's going to do it. the minute the value added tax comes if you don't see the writing on the wall, the ship is going down. >> it takes the pressure off cutting spending two trillion increase over the last five years. >> greta: we need to get the economy going. the good news is there are some incaters saying that it is improving. >> we might get bailed out by a burgeoning economy, putting more people to work. no value added tax. >> greta: good trends we've been looking at, steve, thank
10:18 pm
you are you sick of washington? would you like to bypass politicians and vote directly on health care? some of you will get the chant, maybe. dick morris explains, next. john mccain tells with you why he wants the president's administration to send arizona 3,000 national guard. if you are thinking not my problem, i don't live in arizona you are so dead wrong this is so your problem and you will find out why, two minutes away. ñyyup>
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>> greta: you wish could you vote directly on health care reform you might be in luck. of course if you live in florida. the florida state senate and state house just approved an amendment that will appear on florida's november ballot. the measure will allow floridians to to vote on
10:22 pm
proposed constitutional government that would ban the government from forcing people to buy health insurance. dick morris, i don't know if this has constitutional legs when this new florida law shakes out. what is the political impact? can mark rubio or governor crist in their race did they use this bill in florida? >> lest anyone feel that john calhoun rides again and the state full fighing a federal law exists legislators were pushing in this -- this in florida concedes if it passes wilt have no affect because the federal law supersedes the florida law. they hope they can overwhelmingly show the people do not want this individual mandate and that can have a political effect. i think it can. i personally have doubts about the constitutionality of the individual mandate. greta, i can tell you, on the
10:23 pm
government, give me $10,000 and i will give you health insurance. but i don't think i can tell you, to buy a policy from sean hannity and the way they justify it, they say it is intrastate commerce. insurance can't be sold intrastate as i point out in the book 2010, not big insurance can't be commerce. >> greta: talk about the value added tax discussion, all over washington maybe all over the nation people are talking about it. a little unclear to me whether it is being floated by the white house or the treasury or whether they are responding to questions that the media is asking in sort of a manufactured issue whether it is legitimate or i will legitimate. i don't know what is going on. i think it is early to tell. who wins on this political issue? >> i think they are floating it. you wouldn't have this in five or six places without it being deliberate. the value added tax is a secret tax.
10:24 pm
the guy that makes the raw materials charges the manufacturer. manufacturer charges the store. the store charges you. instead of buying a $10 item and it cost $10.60 and you know there's a 60 cent sales tax all of a sudden it costs $14. you don't realize $4 of it is a tax that's why europeans are liberal because they don't know they are nation much tax. it's good for the democrats because they can pass a tax and nobody will know they are paying it. >> greta: the minute everyone starts saying democrats, tax that seems almost fatal in any election to be associated with any sort of tax. the fact that it is being discussed, is that a sign? to me any discuss about tax by the administration means you are in deep trouble when you start talking that >> i would take it as a given -- as a given after the congressional elections are over the democrats are start
10:25 pm
floating a vat plan. >> greta: is that because the stimulus bill isn't getting the economy going? is that an acknowledgement they are worried about the stimulus bill? everyone has to be rooting for that stimulus gill to get the economy going because that does solve a lot of our problems. >> the basic fact is that for 40 years, only 30% of our economy went to the government. now obama raised it to 40% with stimulus and health care. that's all borrowed money. now the question is, will the tax go up to 40 or will the spending go down to 30? that's going to be the big issue of 2011. the vat will probably be the democratic formula for raising the tax up to 40. >> greta: unfortunately, the vat, value added tax, i don't think you can hide that >> you mentioned florida. there's a great issue there about the senate race there. >> greta: you have to hold off
10:26 pm
on that we gotta go we'll have you come back next week and tell us about it. next more with senator mccain. he's going to tell you something that may send chills up your spine. a serious problem that is getting worse. democratic senator lincoln up for reelection in november. does she want president obama to come to arkansas and campaign or does she want the president to stay a million miles away? find out, coming up. i have diabetes, and sometimes i wonder
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10:30 pm
time when on the border and they had a very beneficial effect. look, arizona has half of the illegal immigrants who come into this country come through the border between arizona and mexico. for the first time, over one million pounds of marijuana, 1.3 million pounds of marijuana were intercepted going through the safety arizona. we have a situation which is out of control. 241,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended last year in the tucson sector alone. estimates are that you catch about 1.1 out of every three or one out of every five that means our border is out of control. and then you add on to that, the drug cartels and the violence, 22,000 mexican citizens have been killed in the drug cartel battles since
10:31 pm
president call ron came to office. you have -- president called ron came into office. you have this violence which has spilled to our side of the border, including the murder of three american citizens in juarez. american rancher and his dog just recently in the safety arizona. so, the border is not secure. this is organized crime at its worst. they are using ultra lights to transport drugs across the border. we need the national guard there. we need 3,000 additional border patrol. we have to use surveillance techniques. we have to build the physical wall. we have to use uav's. the fundamental obligation of every government to its citizens is to have a secure border. >> greta: it is getting worse? these are horrible stories every time i pick up the newspaper i see three americans get murdered we should be scan dalized. >> i rely on our county
10:32 pm
sheriffs those that are on the border next to the border, literally everyday. our sheriffs are telling the violence is more severe, the people that are doing this the drug cartels and the human smugglers are better armed, equipped and better trained and they have better communications than our law enforcement people have on the border. we have a huge inon ability problem between the federal agents and local police and sheriffs people. -- so it is get getting worse measureably. the sheriffs will tell you it used to be if they surprised a smuggler they dropped and ran. now they fight back. >> greta: we were down there with secretary of state clinton a year ago. there were four atf people there. we were driving around in armored vehicles with the atf telling us the weapons that are coming into this country the automatic weapons are
10:33 pm
we that from the atf and the nra went wild on us because they say no this didn't happen the weapons aren't getting washed through the united states. i don't know it matters. the fact that there are what can we do about that? >> obviously, the atf and the supported by the nra is trying to do everything they can to make sure that these gun sales do not fall into the hands of the wrong element. by the way, some of these other weapons are coming from other places in central america, south america as well. >> greta: they tell us that too as well. >> they are coming from other places. so it is not just that but the nra is cooperating in trying to help out with make sure that people who purchase guns do so legitimate >> greta: you suggested a wall, can we build a wall? >> we need three tier fences
10:34 pm
in urban areas. surveillance the kind we've used in iraq in the form of uav's and surveillance capabilities we have proven is workable. really great scandal is that there was a very large contract let that was supposed to provide surveillance across our border it has been a total failure. cost estimates as much as 770 million dollars wasted. and our marines and border patrol down in marine corp air station yuma brought equipment off-the-shelf and they've been able to cut way back on illegal crossings, illegal immigrants crossing the goldwater ranges. >> greta: we've been hearing this for the last several years, at least. why aren't we doing something? what is the whole up? who doesn't get it and why do we have this scandal? >> first of all it has been getting worse and worse over time.
10:35 pm
the killings in mexico have gone up. violence has gone up. the fight between the mexican government on the drug cartels has ratcheted up. they are an existential threat to the government of mexico today. we've been working with the mexican government, we have significantly trying to help with training technology, et cetera. but the fact is, the cartels have now, i think, gained more control and are more active and more brutal than they ever have been in the past. >> greta: one last question. people hear it and think of it as arizona and this is an arizona problem. it is not an arizona problem. what do you say to the people who live in the northern part of the country, why is this a problem for the rest of us? >> people who live in other parts of the country drugs coming across our border are coming to your hometown. number two, illegal immigrants are up to in our state but being distributed all over the
10:36 pm
country as well. third of all, if the drug cartels defeat the government of mexico, then their ability to transport these drugs into the united states of america will be dramatically enhanced. so the mexican government's fight is our fight. corruption is a huge problem in mexico. but that should not deter us from trying to assist the government of mexico in succeeding in this existential struggle they are in. and it will affect the lives of every american if we have lost control of our border. because the impact is not just on the border, it is throughout our country. we have to take significant measures. unfortunately, the president's budget calls for a reduction in border patrol rather than increase. >> greta: here's a look what the is coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: glenn beck teed off about being called seditious by far left loons. beck will be here.
10:37 pm
pentagon boots franklin graham from prayer day coming up on the factor. >> greta: beck and o'reilly 11 p.m. eastern. we are live until the top of the hour. next the question we all want answered. democratic senator lincoln fighting for reelection. does she want the president to campaign for her in arkansas or will she say thanks but no thanks? the vice president takes on the ladies of "the view." all we can say f-bomb we'll show you the video, coming up. [ male announcer ] try fixodent with a time-released formula. use just once per day for dawn-to-dark hold. it is important to use the product as directed. fixodent and forget it. grasse, france is known for making perfume. but food executives come here for something else, to work in cargill's flavor facility to create better tasting foods. this is how cargill works with customers
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>> greta: there's much more ahead. first to our new york newsroom and marianne rafferty with the other headlines. >> reporter: searchers now fear 11 workers missing after the explosion of an oil rig may not have been able to escape. the deep water drilling platform located five miles off the coast of louisiana going up in flames tuesday. more than 100 workers survived. the rig sinking into the gulf of mexico two days later. there are concerns that 300,000 gallons of i'll a day could leak from that wreck. gamian citizen add odd to the no-fly list will already onboard a new york bound plane from africa. the flight took off from nigeria stopping in senegal before refueling in puerto rico border patrol agents took the man into custody in san juan. the captain reportedly described the man as a serious security risk. the plane landed safely in
10:42 pm
new york. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to on the record. >> greta: continuing with democratic senator blanche lincoln. she up for reelection in november does she want the president to campaign for her or stay way? senator lincoln went on the . you are up for reelection you a tough contest what is going on -- what is going on the tea party has been after you. >> the tea party even the left of my party has been at me if you look at the kind of legislator i am, i work hard to get results. i think it is more important instead of bickering or answering to the left, right and extreme, to look at what is right for the american people. i think the american people want to see greater transparency, they want to see greater accountability in their government and financial system. >> greta: i don't disagree i
10:43 pm
think the transparency, a lot of people in favor of that i don't know maybe the nuances you might get some opposition in arkansas you a rather unhappy crowd as far as we we can see. to get elected you got to have a happy crowd. you got the left putting the squeeze on you mad because they say you are a conservative democrat. the violate mad at you as well down there. how do you win? >> awe peel to people's good sense. that's -- i think awe peel to people's good sense. people want good government the kind of transparency not just in their financial system but also in their government. i fought hard on health care to ensure there was transparency. >> greta: the left got mad because were you again the public option. >> the right got mad because i believed we needed health care reform. but i fought hard for transparency. i offered unanimous consent to
10:44 pm
ensure anybody that offered an amendment had to put it up on the web so people could see what we were voting on, on the floor and i an objection. i did it any way on my internet site. >> greta: do you want the president to campaign for you? >> we are always proud to have a president come to arkansas >> greta: you know what i mean! is that a yes you want him to campaign for you >> i'd love it, if he wants to come, we are proud to have a president. i was proud george w. bush, bill clinton, michelle obama is coming down early next month. we are excited. >> greta: you ran an ad that says you don't -- i don't want to paraphrase you don't take directions from the democratic party. you are getting squeezed from the left, the right, president obama the advocate for health care, 60% of your people in arkansas complaining. it is a -- these are tenuous waters to be in. >> they are. but the important thing for
10:45 pm
know remind arkansas is i don't answer to special interest groups. i don't answer to the left or the right, i answer to them. i answer to the people of arkansas. if they look at my record they will know that they will look and see in the -- you look at that national journal article last month i was smack-dab in the middle, which think most are, they are anxious to see us getting things done. they know command ground in the middle is the best place to move forward and get things do. that's what i try do up here is to work with everybody. most of my colleagues will tell you that i don't lean to the left or to the right. i forge ahead and try and solve problems for the people of arkansas and america. i think that's -- that's the key in this election to show people your record. i have fought hard for overregulation from epa. i was one of the ones -- me and lisa --
10:46 pm
>> greta: why are they giving you a hard time? you have been here two terms already. as you said this transparency thing i'm sure a lot of people will appreciate -- >> you are not a novice at this. you know when you run during the midterm of a new administration it doesn't matter who it is, it is just a bad time to run. i did it in '94. i was a tough time this time it is more difficult. >> greta: why? >> you got a lot of noise. even in 2004 when i ran you didn't have blackberries. you didn't have youtube, facebook, e-mails, twitter and the different noise out there. it is unfortunate. people get frustrated and consumed with a lot of different noise and a lot of different things. >> difficult for them, i think to really, you know, hear from us or from me. you know, if they are -- they are hearing from me now. if you look at the amount of money that outside interest
10:47 pm
groups are spending coming into the state of arkansas and spending against me from the left and right, trying to tell them, the people of arkansas what they should think and who should represent them. that's not coming from you know, the source of what my record is and what has this meant to arkansas. i think that's important. it is a different environment out there. but, i feel strong about the people of arkansas, they are great people. they do want to know what is going on that transparency whether in the financial reform and the regulations we put forward whether it is in the debate and how we do things i have tremendous respect for that i know and believe when it is transparent they will look and realize that i stood up for the things that are important to arkansas whether it is ensuring that epa is not creating the law that the lays are being created by -- that the laws are being created by elected officials not unelected bureaucrats in an answer or
10:48 pm
working to make sure that things like what i worked with on jon kyl. >> greta: it is a tough sport. >> it is. but it is well worth it. for all of the criticism it is an honorable something to represent what is near and dear to you. that's what i do i represent my state and the the people of my state who are very near and dear to me >> greta: next, the best of the rest. you know will be wild. vice president biden never days points. he spent time with the ladies of "the view," get the bleep machine ready. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at today, the dream of owning a home
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. the ladies of "the view" welcomed a special guest today, vice president biden. >> do you have any power? what do you do everyday? >> it depends on whether you talk to dick cheney. he had a different definition of vice president. all kidding aside. look, every vice president the power that he or she will have is directly related, a reflection of the president's power. it all relates the relationship we have with the president. and the good news for me is what made the job worthwhile is the president and you are
10:53 pm
philosophically in sync and we trust each other and he has handed big chunks of responsibility to me iraq to the middle class task force to nuclear security are things that i run on a day-to-day basis so it is good. >> you mentioned a relationship with the president. he's been in the past talking about words, he told us certain words we should stay way from, war on terror, rad -- radical islam you get up there health care bill signed and you throw the f-bomb and i'm thinking oh man -- were you surprised that you the pass from him on that? >> i was just thankful my mother couldn't hear. it was a little embarrassing. >> did you not realize there was a microphone? >> i realized there was a
10:54 pm
microphone but no idea it was that sensitive. i was whispering in his ear. after it was over, we walked out and we got in the limo go over to another event and he was laughing like the davitt -- like the devil. i said what's so funny. he said my secretary told me when you said that to me, everyone could hear it. >> it is not the first time. >> that's true it is not the first time. >> greta: oops. there you have it the best of the rest. still ahead, is former president clinton going to pass the hat and ask your children to pay for his daughter's wedding? stay right here. so, doc...
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. political weddings are a big event z they're expensive. >> on the today show bill clinton told jenna bush hager his only involvement of his daughter's wedding is paying bill. that is what he said. since he's a democrat, he doesn't pay the bill himself. he leaves it for future
10:59 pm
generations of americans but you get the idea. >> we're sure that that was not true, but that is your last call. we're closing down shop a special programming note. later tonight at 3:00 a.m. eastern you can see a 90 minute debate. three contenders running for prime minister of great britain are facing off. 3:00 a.m. eastern, midnight pacific. check it out. thanks for joining us tonight. check out greta it's open. and also, slash greta wire. both of those places great place to follow us go. there. and... greta there are polls up. i put a poll up about senator blanch lincoln whachl she should do whether giving president obama or both to have a tough race. we'll see you tomorrow night. at 10:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget bill o'reilly is up next. and guess who guest is tonight? glenn beck. you 't

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